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Entry #10

Soon it will be over

2009-07-18 04:50:28 by FirefistEsko

Gaah summer vacation will be over soon.How it's possible.I mean it's not fait that here in Finland summer vacation it's only two months and in Itally it's TREE months.I mean come on.Like they haven't already sunny weather there.And i have done whole vacation just works.Now i have to get again to school.

Well it have been great vacation.Last weekend i was at Animecon in Helsinki.Cosplay costumes were great.Here one of my favourite picture that i took there.

Soon it will be over


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2009-07-18 05:05:26

Didja tap that?

FirefistEsko responds:

Yeah i took that picture.


2009-07-18 06:28:58


FirefistEsko responds:

Yatta! :D


2010-08-19 08:05:43

Hahaha, nice pic! xD